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Lucia Šoralová & La Alma

LA ALMA is the new group of musicians around the singer LUCIE ŠORALOVÉ who, after couple years of solo break, is comming back to her very first love - the chanson!

The first album of Lucie Šoralová called „Zblízka“, which was produced in Slovakia in 2002, was nominated for the Aurela prize.

The second album called „Púšť“ was baptized both in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Her chanson based songs were enriched by ethno features here.

On the disc was also a duet with Irano-Swedish pop star Arash. That was the only Lucie's bounce to the "midstream".

The latest album „O lásce, cti a kuráži“, that came out in autumn of 2012 is her first act with the group called La Alma, which is being made by the pianist Jan Steinsdörfer, contrabassist Matěj Černý and accordionist Michal Mihok.

After couple of months among her fans, the album sold over 3.000 pcs!

For couple years now, Lucia cooperates with famous Michal Horáček, who "found her" as a chansonieur for his project called KUDYKAM, where she is composing field of Villon balads.

Lucia is regurarly featured in musicals - actually in Joan of Arc and Robin Hood or Mauglee.

Official website of the musician: